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Raising achievement with cloud computing

Here is a link to the website I created for my inquiry into raising achievement with cloud computing.  I have completely digitised my 3 NCEA PE classes this year through Google Apps and wanted to see the impact that it had on learning, and also so I could plan for next year.  I collected feedback from students, staff and whanau during term one and term three.  The main findings suggest that the infrastructure is essential when implementing a cloud based course, and collaboration is the main advantage for all involved.  Please have a look at the inquiry and leave a comment, I'd be interested to see if any other teachers had similar experiences.

How to set up gClass folders for your class

GClass folders is a free script that runs from a google sheet that will automatically create class folders for all the students that you teach.  Sounds complicated - watch this video and you should be able to do it in under 10 minutes. Here is the link to create the spreadsheet. You will also need your class email addresses and names - follow these guides to help you make a class mailing list , and export it to your desktop .

Learning analytics in secondary schools

What can be learnt from the challenges faced in the use of learning analytics in tertiary institutions, when considering its application in secondary education? photo by Frank Dabek I posed this question after reading several sources regarding the use of learning analytics in education.  As a secondary school teacher I was interested in finding out if there was anything to be learnt about the application of analytics in tertiary setting , before it is embedded into secondary schooling.  The NMC 2013 Horizon Report claims that within 2-3 years it will have developed beyond the 20% penetration point.  After summarising sources I found common themes in the challenges faced when utilising learning analytics. Driving forces behind analytics Error correction and data override Collection of valuable data Ethics, morals and privacy I will evaluate the considerations of each challenge when applied in the secondary context to raise the achievement of learners and inform successfu