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I need your vote - Interface awards 2013!

I was recently selected as a finalist in the Interface Magazine 'Best teaching with ICT' for an activity that I previously shared on this blog.  I used Google Apps in an attempt to modify behaviour in students, praising and encouraging positive examples and working on resolving negative examples.  Lessons were filmed and then peer assessed using the drive and google forms - the use of forms allowed a visual way to summarise the anonymous student feedback - using it as a tool for personal and group reflection.  To read more about the methods I used have a look at this blog post .  To view the entry on the Interface website look here - and most importantly to vote - click here !!!  Thanks for your support! :) Google+

Notes from the Classroom: how Kiwi teachers are engaging students with technology

Today I had the honour of being mentioned in the google blog!  Google wrote about how I was using competition and collaboration to motivate students to improve the quality of their work, as well as produce 'work' in the first place!  Also great to see the great work of  +Dorothy Burt  and her colleagues at Pt England school - the video clip is really worth watching and makes you feel good about the collaborative aspects that Google Apps for Education allows!  Link to the full post is here.

TeachMeetNZ: e-Learnings:Elevating NCEA into the cloud, a reflection

Today I presented at U-learn - although I wasn't at the conference over in Hamilton I was in sunny Gisborne!  I was fortunate enough to be part of the TeachMeetNZ virtual presentation that was hosted by  +Sonya Van Schaijik .  Presentations for TeachMeet are generally about pedagogy and technology and there have been hundreds of sessions spread across the world over the past few years, google hangouts are the method which we use to share experiences.  Our presentation was in front of a live audience at the conference as well as being streamed.  It was a fun experience and I particularly enjoyed the presentations from the other educators involved, it was a great way to share as well as collaborate and I look forward to being involved again when I come to present my findings after my enquiry as an e-fellow with CORE education.  Here are the slides from my talk..... The link to the live presentation is here  and another link to my slides with speaker notes is here .