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NCEA and E-Learning

Here are the slides from the presentation I gave on the VLN this week.  I was in Raglan and there were a couple of technical difficulties with the internet so I have included the slide notes so it makes a bit more sense!  The recording of the webinar is here and the full version with notes is at this link .  Let me know if you have any questions by adding a comment at the bottom!

Using the public domain to expand minds!

At the moment we are studying the impacts of a major sporting event in 12 PE - we have decided to look at the 2011 RWC that was held in NZ.  The boys had some good ideas, but I thought I would expand the discussion by entering it into the public domain.  A couple of weeks ago I created a username at  and started a new thread which was very close to the actual task for 2.5.  The original question in the post is below.... I left it over the weekend and by monday the topic had 782 views and 33 replies!!  I was astounded and looked through all of the posts from the dedicated rugby addicts! The next step was to get the boys involved in the forum, so I emailed them the link and they created their own username and signed in.  To start with the quality of posts wasn't that high, so with a bit of

Google forms as a collaborative literature review in NCEA

In NCEA PE 2.5 we have to review the impacts of a major sporting event.  In 2011 I started a project that used google reader to aggregate all available sources of relevant literature regarding the rugby world cup (RWC) - I then used google drive to collect and assess work, this was my first experience with digitising an NCEA standard and you can read about it here ! I now have all the articles that I collected in google drive (100+) and needed the boys to pick through the relevant ones to help them with their research project (what are the impacts on society of a major

Does location limit learning?

Here are the slides from my talk at the Tairawhiti TexhExpo - I had originally planned to talk about ' Coaches-eye ', an app that allows you to easily film, analyse and improve any physical performance - but I modified it for a wider audience and made it specific for students in Gisborne.  I tried to avoid 'death by powerpoint' and made the slides as visually stimulating as possible and used the pictures to illustrate the point I was trying to make. The talk started off establishing that Gisborne (although one of the most amazing locations I have ever lived and worked in,) is geographically challenged, and then looked into what learning was and the theory behind how we learn, looking at Bandura and Pavlov as examples of educational psychology.  I explored what learning can now look like with student being able to connect to anyone at anytime