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Summarising learner agency, an empirical approach

This video is a summary of the work I have done around learner agency this year as part of my  +CORE Education Limited  eFellowship.  It has been an amazing year and I have had several opportunities to talk about my research, I recently returned from the #PENZ inspired leaders conference where I presented on the research panel, it was rewarding to know there were other people who were interested in what I was doing as this was a topic I chose through seeing a gap in what was known about how we could change education in traditional settings to fit a more agentic approach - there is plenty written, tweeted and blogged about around what is happening in new innovative institutions (which is great) but it can get disheartening for people who teach in schools that are not so dynamic and set up for modern learning practices. This whole process has been amazingly valuable for my students and myself, hopefully it can also be constructive for others in similar situations as well. At