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How to set up a class mailing list

How to set up a class mailing list This is an easy but essential task if you are planning on doing any e-learning with your classes. 1) Make sure you are logged into your google apps account and are at the 'mail' screen.  Click compose and start to type the names of students in the class in the 'to' field - you can use last names or first names - it should auto complete as the students are in the system, if the correct name pops up, click on it and move onto the next.  When you have the complete list send the email - name it test, or just say hello.  This is a funny way to do it, but with out sending them an email first, the boys will not be in your 'address book' - don't ask me why, its an admin issue?! 2)  Now....navigate to contacts by clicking on the 'Mail' button on the top left of the screen - in the drop down menu 'contacts will be one of the options.  2) Set up a new group of contacts by hovering over your contacts on the