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Collect infinite relevant teaching resources with google reader

Google reader is an amazing way to aggregate information from a variety of sources from anywhere on the web!  I am planning a research project on the New Zealand Winter Games, this is how I will collect the resources. 1) Sign into your google apps account - the black bar at the top has links to google products, go along to more and click on 'reader', this is the link to your google reader account and it is here that you can search and subscribe to rss feeds. (rss stands for rich site summary and is a family of web feed formats used for news and other frequently refreshed sites) 2) Type the topic you are searching for in the subscribe box and press enter. 3) The list of feeds will appear in the main part of the screen, some might not be what you are looking for but if you see one that looks good click on subscribe.  Once you have filtered through the sites to meet your needs you can look at what you have selected by clicking on 'all items' on the lef