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Life as an e-fellow....

The first e-fellowship experience for me was embodied in a vision of the Sky Tower from half way up Mt. Eden. The 3 day meeting was full of inspiration, innovation and fresh ideas from a wide range of people places, buildings, practices and theory. Day one was kicked off by a meet and greet at the CORE Education HQ, everyone gave a personal introduction and a small talk with the artefacts we brought along - it felt humbling to be in a room with such a vast knowledge base and endless list of experiences. The e-fellow group consisted of 5 secondary educators and 2 from the Primary sector, this was a different ratio from previous years and sparked plenty of interesting conversations and allowed me to realise that despite many of us being at different stages of integration and familiarity of blended e-

What is learning?

Mahanga Beach, Mahia Part of the work I will be doing this year with my e-fellowship will be about developing student agency in the classroom, especially within the confines of traditional schooling system and the NCEA.  I decided to start at the beginning and look at learning and what it encompasses, although we are teachers and it is our core business it is good to re-visit the theory.  I came across the following quote while I was on school camp last week; "The most accurate word in western culture to describe what happens in a learning organization …is “metanoia” and it means a shift of mind…For the Greeks, it meant a fundamental shift or change, or more literally transcendence (“meta”- above or beyond, as in “metaphysics”) of mind (“noia,” from the root “nous,” of mind)….To grasp the meaning of “metanoia” is to grasp the deeper meaning of “learning”, for learning also involves a fundamental shift or movement of mind…. Most people’s eyes glaze over if you talk to them a