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Send any webpage to google drive with one click

Google drive is a great place to create research environments for students where they don't waste time and energy at unsuitable sites.  I recently worked on a project with senior students on the 2011 rugby world cup and collected resources from different rss feeds and websites (have a look at it here) - I wanted the students to read the data and then comment on it in groups - this is how I uploaded the pages to the drive so I could share them with the students. 1) Make sure you are running google chrome as your web browser and you are logged into your apps account, search for 'send to google docs' in google and it should direct you to the extension, if not - hit this link .  Follow the instructions to install into your browser. 2) It should install at the top right of the screen 3)  When you open/ find an appropriate web page click on the icon and it will show you a preview of the document in google drive - you then have the options of downloading it to your