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Easy departmental data collection with google drive

In Physical education, like any other subject we are constantly collecting data on all students - our data then has to get crunched to go into our Kamar reporting system.  A few years ago things were getting a bit messy and data was going missing on old bits of paper and numbers were getting plucked out of the air more often than rugby balls were going missing from our store cupboard! Google spreadsheets seemed the obvious choice as some of the department were already half using excel to collate data.  I created a shared document (see here for a guide) and headed the table columns for each term/credit period.  Our reporting system required a 1-9 scale for each skill assessed so a formular was applied to turn a beep test score into a numerical value, or a sprint time into a value between 1-9.  This could then be applied to all students for all teachers in the year group.  We could also create totals and averages for each class, teacher and year group.  At the end of each term