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Assessing NCEA with Google Docs

Unless you are French you will remember 2011 as a the year New Zealand hosted the Rugby World Cup and that it was victorious in the sense that the All Blacks won, and also that as a nation we hosted the event with pride and passion that only the kiwi's could.  It was also the year that I first attempted to use google apps to teach and assess a level 2 NCEA standard.  The standard 2.6 required students to look at the effects that the Rugby World Cup (or any other international sporting event) has on self, others and society.  There was a endless amount of information and opinion about the RWC and how it was going to effect the country, this was the information that the students needed to enable them to write the report but it was really a case of filtering through the noise to get clear information.  As a keen reader of blogs and digital information I had a bit of a brainwave and came up with a cunning plan…. 1) Look for reliable and useful resources with fact and opinion c